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Here's hoping...
That everybody got everything they wanted this year for X-mas. My Christmas went by way too fast and it started with a migraine. I felt bad for sleeping through about 4 hours of the day, then got up again. I made lunch for everybody, cleaned and then made everybody get dressed for going to the grandparents. Got a bunch of things thorugh them and had a great dinner. Came home spent quality time kicking my son's butt in Halo 3( yes, I know a bit late), and am now on here blogging about it. XD

Ah well, it was good for all it was. I have work tomorrow night. Then a weekend that promises to be full of figuring out where the heck to put everything we got. A toy purge will be happening for the girls. As well as a purge of about 10 different boxes of X-mas decorations. I hope to be able to purge my garage when spring rolls around as well. But that's a whole other journal entry in itself.

Have a great one guys!


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