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My, my ,my...
...why do I do this all the time!? XD

I got sucked into joining a weight loss team at work! We're going to be known as Northeast Defeat De-fat. This should be interesting. I've been trying on my own for a couple of weeks now to start losing some weight. I keep yo-yoing between 5 to 10 lbs. It's annoying,really. Hopefully, this will help and honestly I need to do something. I've promised myself I would never be as big as I was when living in Hawaii on '03. I will not do it, I tell ya!

I've also "inherited" a month's supply of nutrisystem. It sux royally, by the way. My stomach is not happy. And I'm not saying this as a whining little person that doesn't want to do anything. I went home last night with something that felt like heartburn and an upset stomach. It wasn't really one or the other, but I was not comfortable. So I'm just going to start watching what I eat again. Drink plenty of water and exercise.

Speaking of that I need to grab the DDR game from my sis. Between that and the Wii sports program I should be fine.

Wish me luck guys!


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