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So then...
I need to focus! : D

I've noticed that work seems to be weird as of late. Nothing really wrong, but without a regular provider coming in, I get that sense of not knowing what to expect. Our clinic also hasn't set up our drug screens completely yet and I hope the company we've done a few for now, will be patient a bit more. I think we've got it down today...finally.

Home life is good. My husband has kept his job for now with Hutchinson. I was really nervous about bills when I first heard about the layoffs. But now the company is saying that it's not sure if it's through with the layoffs. What a pain! I'm hoping that Todd will stick it out and then hopefully come summer, head back to school.

My girls are doing great and Foxx is getting better in his spanish classes. So looking good in that department.

I don't  know about you guys but I don't watch very much tv. So I've been watching Jdoramas or anime on the web. Or I read stories(manga as well) or watch videos on Youtube. I need new things to watch. I'm looking forward to the Japanese series, "Rescue" which looks interesting. Then there's the "Code Blue Special". I guess I think they're both great because they deal in the medical field. One is about helicopter rescue. The other is about medical interns learning a new commute system through helicopter transport. Could it be simply from my profession that I'd be interested in these storylines? LOL

Well, I thought I'd ramble a new entry to let people know that i'm indeed in the land of the living and not dead in a ditch somewhere. XD

Take care all!


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