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Just for the heck of it!
Hello all out there in LJ land! Am sitting here browsing around and decided to just post a bit. Nothing in specifics. It was a lazy day today, and I didn't get up outta bed until almost 1pm. I haven't been able to sleep too much lately. So I've been sleeping in. Thankfully the hubby has the kids, or I'd be in real trouble. >_<

My Christmas was nice this year. Very low key(for once) and casual. I've got some great new clothes and nice shoes. I'm hoping for a video card soon, but will need to save up for one. I know my boy wanted Spore for X-mas. But since we already have one PC game telling us we need a video card to use it, I didn't end up getting it. Video cards are NOT cheap. though I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you guys that at all. Though we did have fun getting through all the levels on Halo 3. That last mission where you have to drive the warthog is a bitch! LOL

Well, a new year is just around the corner here and I'm hoping that it'll be a good one. This last year was very harsh, so I'm hoping that '09 will be a lot nicer to me!

And with that said, I'm heading off to bed! Later Y'all!


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