...I haven't been in here for awhile. I had wanted to make this place kind of my sanctuary where I can go and vent and put anything I wanted to up for other people to see but not get too ragged on about it. I haven't had a chance to do that though. Real life stresses kind of wear me a bit thin lately. The Holidays are right around the corner too. Where did the time go!?!

I have been coming up with short stories as well for my inner JunDa fangirl. Yes, yes I'm 32! Get over it! I can still fangirl like the best of 'em! Letting out the occasional squee! Anyhow, I've read such great stories on here and checked out some cute videos on YouTube that I decided that I'd start writing again. Though, for now, I'm usings songfics. Yes, the dreaded "S" word!! A bane to all fanfiction existence! I'll be good I promise. I'm just too perfectionistic when it comes to my writing. JinDa is a close second as well. I saw a really cute video of Ueda and Jin with the title Love Story. Not sure if that's the actual name seeing as it was not in English. But a great vid none the less.
So now I'm off to finishing my first couple of ideas for fanfiction with the KAT-TUN guys. Yes, mostly JunDa(again, too cute! Can't help it!) or JinDa, but might throw some Akame,or TaNaka around as well. First things first though, finish my story and then figure out how to post it on here! Wish me luck!

My, my ,my...
...why do I do this all the time!? XD

I got sucked into joining a weight loss team at work! We're going to be known as Northeast Defeat De-fat. This should be interesting. I've been trying on my own for a couple of weeks now to start losing some weight. I keep yo-yoing between 5 to 10 lbs. It's annoying,really. Hopefully, this will help and honestly I need to do something. I've promised myself I would never be as big as I was when living in Hawaii on '03. I will not do it, I tell ya!

I've also "inherited" a month's supply of nutrisystem. It sux royally, by the way. My stomach is not happy. And I'm not saying this as a whining little person that doesn't want to do anything. I went home last night with something that felt like heartburn and an upset stomach. It wasn't really one or the other, but I was not comfortable. So I'm just going to start watching what I eat again. Drink plenty of water and exercise.

Speaking of that I need to grab the DDR game from my sis. Between that and the Wii sports program I should be fine.

Wish me luck guys!

So then...
I need to focus! : D

I've noticed that work seems to be weird as of late. Nothing really wrong, but without a regular provider coming in, I get that sense of not knowing what to expect. Our clinic also hasn't set up our drug screens completely yet and I hope the company we've done a few for now, will be patient a bit more. I think we've got it down today...finally.

Home life is good. My husband has kept his job for now with Hutchinson. I was really nervous about bills when I first heard about the layoffs. But now the company is saying that it's not sure if it's through with the layoffs. What a pain! I'm hoping that Todd will stick it out and then hopefully come summer, head back to school.

My girls are doing great and Foxx is getting better in his spanish classes. So looking good in that department.

I don't  know about you guys but I don't watch very much tv. So I've been watching Jdoramas or anime on the web. Or I read stories(manga as well) or watch videos on Youtube. I need new things to watch. I'm looking forward to the Japanese series, "Rescue" which looks interesting. Then there's the "Code Blue Special". I guess I think they're both great because they deal in the medical field. One is about helicopter rescue. The other is about medical interns learning a new commute system through helicopter transport. Could it be simply from my profession that I'd be interested in these storylines? LOL

Well, I thought I'd ramble a new entry to let people know that i'm indeed in the land of the living and not dead in a ditch somewhere. XD

Take care all!

Just for the heck of it!
Hello all out there in LJ land! Am sitting here browsing around and decided to just post a bit. Nothing in specifics. It was a lazy day today, and I didn't get up outta bed until almost 1pm. I haven't been able to sleep too much lately. So I've been sleeping in. Thankfully the hubby has the kids, or I'd be in real trouble. >_<

My Christmas was nice this year. Very low key(for once) and casual. I've got some great new clothes and nice shoes. I'm hoping for a video card soon, but will need to save up for one. I know my boy wanted Spore for X-mas. But since we already have one PC game telling us we need a video card to use it, I didn't end up getting it. Video cards are NOT cheap. though I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you guys that at all. Though we did have fun getting through all the levels on Halo 3. That last mission where you have to drive the warthog is a bitch! LOL

Well, a new year is just around the corner here and I'm hoping that it'll be a good one. This last year was very harsh, so I'm hoping that '09 will be a lot nicer to me!

And with that said, I'm heading off to bed! Later Y'all!

Here's hoping...
That everybody got everything they wanted this year for X-mas. My Christmas went by way too fast and it started with a migraine. I felt bad for sleeping through about 4 hours of the day, then got up again. I made lunch for everybody, cleaned and then made everybody get dressed for going to the grandparents. Got a bunch of things thorugh them and had a great dinner. Came home spent quality time kicking my son's butt in Halo 3( yes, I know a bit late), and am now on here blogging about it. XD

Ah well, it was good for all it was. I have work tomorrow night. Then a weekend that promises to be full of figuring out where the heck to put everything we got. A toy purge will be happening for the girls. As well as a purge of about 10 different boxes of X-mas decorations. I hope to be able to purge my garage when spring rolls around as well. But that's a whole other journal entry in itself.

Have a great one guys!

Can everybody tell...
..that I'm completely new at this and don't know what the heck I'm doing!?! XD


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